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Star Struck

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OK, i saw the link on the 212 crash where they interviewed a pilot working up there and to be honest, I was slightly embarassed.


I know I know, I've been there before, when camera's are shoved in your face, you're unprepared etc, and you just blurt out things.


As professional as we are trying to be,I just have to encourage you guys to think before you speak.


Thank you, end of rant.

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Hey Sudden Stop,

here's some thoughts for you......

"you just blurt out things".


"think before you speak".


Sound familiar?


Please take a page from your own book and stop embarrassing yourself and our industry.


I found nothing wrong with anything Jeff said on TV.


However your remarks (as is often the case) should have been self-moderated.


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Personally, I loved the TSB guy (Barry Holt, who used to own the only gym in Prince Rupert way back in the 1980's... I always wondered where he went). He was so eloquent when he said, "these things happen... most of the time nothing happens but sometimes these things happen."


It is really tough to be interviewed, unprepared, on camera when you're actually somewhere just doing a job. I think the Helifor pilot did pretty **** well considering the circumstances... he sounded far more intelligent than Barry! Ha ha ha



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Hundreds of people in Slave Lake have lost their homes. We're just havin' fun is an inappropriate comment. Do not reply with but insurance will cover their lose. They will be out fo their homes for many months.

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Benefit of the doubt to the fellow, whom I don't know, but I took his words to mean that 'we as a group are highly motivated and enjoy and gain satisfaction from what we're doing [in the larger picture].' As others have noted, without PR/PA training and rehearsal of messaging, an in-field interview can be a tough thing to do, especially as you have little control over the couple of seconds of sound bite the videographer/reporter is going to use out of potentially several minutes. In fact, even when you are what you think is well-prepared, you can get things out in a way you'd prefer to change if you could.


I have no doubt that the fellow interviewed very much understands the grief both of the heli-tac community with the loss of one of their own, as well as the community of Slave Lake, for each of whom the loss of their entire house is an incredibly traumatic event. I can't imagine that anything was said with frivolity or lack of caring. Some (most) folks are better behind a stick than a microphone, it doesn't mean they haven't been impacted by, nor want to be disrespectful to others involved in recent events.




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