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Winter Ops

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Ok this a little off topic but I recall one of the customers in SEBJ country set the limit that the crews could go out was -40



So on a sunny windless day at -41 it was no work


But on a -39 day with a howling wind it was off to work you go.


:cold: :elvis: :cold:

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One more tip......If you're ever using a Herman Nelson{heater},DON'T EVER LEAVE IT ALONE. Many an a/c have burnt up because someone went into a shack to warm up.....and ol' Herman decided to go ballistic.One time it happened to me....came out of the shack and thought Mount Saint Helens had erupted.All it needed was a gust of wind to blow the A/C tent over top of Hermie and Bye-Bye-Birdie......Otooley

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Otooley ------ picture this and start laughing as I relate. I have a 206 that has been sitting out all night in -30F temps. The engineer gets up early and cranks up the Ready Heater. He puts the mouth of the ducting on the front seat and after getting cold, he hits the kitchen for a coffee. He gets involved in a conversation with the cook and time passes. I arise and go out to see how every thing is doing before hitting the kitchen for 'breakie'. I can't find the engineer, so I peek into the front of the a/c. In there I see all the square caution breakers (older 206) are now not square. They appear to have been made out of marshmellows and appear to have lost their shape and are melting. I shut down the heater and wipe off the windscreen of what appears to be condensation........but it ain't. The inside of the plexiglass has begun to melt and Miroglaze ain't gonna be making those windows any better either.


I informed the customer that we were u/s with some B.S excuse to cover the engineer, told the engineer he was on his own with this 'baby' and crawled back into my sleeping bag. I still wonder what the melting point is for plastic to this day. I can CONFIRM absolutely, that Ready Heaters do put out a lot of heat though. :lol:


Take care 'ol fart.

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Cap.....I know what you're saying.....Many 206's have deformed sliding window runners....those heaters could sure put out heat......I've heard of '47 bubbles which have collaped due to the high heat output......Many years ago, myself and another engineer had to go up and change a C20 gearbox on a 206.It was 20 or 30 below..we covered up the 206 with a 206 maintenance tent and had 'Hermie' for heat.Started the job after supper and quit for the night around midnight....Went to bed feeling very lightheaded??????Next morning got up to do the dual inspections and runups......we switched sides to check each others work...I recall the other guy saying"What in the **** was I doing last night....The same applied on the side I was checking....'ol 'Hermie" had been pumping out carbon monoxide big time....There was bolts not even tightened down and lockwired to boot and backwards...We eventually re did the whole job without the herman.....I wanted the pilot to sling the herman up a 1000 ft and pickle the bloody thing..........Take care 'ol wise one and have a good xmass....Going on time off to the cottage and fishing etc......Otooley

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