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The township system - there is a very old DOS program that does some conversions. If you don't have an old DOS PDA (the HP range I'm thinking) you can get DOS emulators. It was very useful when there wasn't an internet connection around. Maybe someone can remember the name - i'll try





It might be "Mathtool". That is what I have on my computer and use it all the time. It even does the conversion from the rather archaic BC version of TWP/RNG. Trying to link it but having a hard time. I know it works with XP and Mac. I put it in quotations so that maybe you can google and download from there.

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Thanks zazu - the one I have (finally found it) is called Geo 1.




Yeah, I stand semi-corrected. My Desktop Icon is labelled Mathtool, but it's really GeoMath. I think you have the older version, if I recall from my scanning days.

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