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Rule'S Of Thumb

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Thought it might be nice if we could pool our collective knowledge and share some rules of thumb regarding our aircraft.


Here are a couple which are pretty well known but I'm sure there are a lot more out there.


Jetranger Fuel QTY gauge - Each 5gal increment equals about 10 minutes flying time.


Astar (B2) Fuel QTY gauge - Each 10% increment equals about 20 minutes flying time.


There is also one about the Jetranger torgue and weight correlation which I have now forgotten.


Anymore useful tidbits out there?

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For the 212, the torque in cruise times 10, generally correlates to fuel burn per hour. 65% = 650lbs/hr. Or sometimes when it's down to the wire I use 11lbs /minute.


TRUST THE LOW FUEL LIGHT!...Except sometimes in the 205. Any engineers care to elaborate on that?

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I believe its every %1 Tq = 30 Lb's of weight.



That's what I use...


Simply, if the 206B GW is 3200, then each percent of Torque is about 32 Lbs of lift. Also, I've found that a 206B "should" be in a low IGE hover at around 92% Q at 3200 GW. Those 100% take-offs MAY weigh in a tad over 3200 ??? depending on altitude and temps of course.


A 212 is around 100 lbs of lift per percent Q.

A 407 is around 50 lbs per %



MIke H, pick a tree or landmark as far ahead as you can see at 60 Kts in bad Wx, if it's really 1/2 mile vis, it will take 30 seconds to reach that point. I'd guess that many of us would be hard pressed to count much past 10 or 15. Hmm, that could actually be under 1/4 Mile !


At 100 Kts, that elusive 1/2 mile takes you 15 seconds to cover.

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