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Fires Already!

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I couldn''t believe it....April 11th. and here I see a 204 with a bucket underneath. Around the Dryden area here we have already have had about 3 small fires...mostly due to irresponsible people burning brush...but never the less they are already asking people to stop burning when it is windy. I took a small hike out in the bush and things already are starting to look dry. I guess we just haven’t had enough precip this past winter. Never know it may be another year of chasing fires.

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My guess would be Provincial Heli from Lac DuBonnet...they are the closest operator with a 2X4...this early in the season.2.gif I would say Ontario's North/West region has the most fire activity...and Dryden is where to be...the fire centre for the MNR is located there.2.gif16.gif

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Nope wasn''t provincial, he''s got his 206 down here doing a little aerial seeding. I was Superiors Heli from the longlac area. Most of the time John keeps his machines away from this area until things start heating up. I''m sure that Delta will be running one of his big birds over here soon...they usually park a machine at the OMNR on spec every year...not a bad idea if you ask me afterall they are usually one of the first on fires every year. Bye the way no-one would happen to know of an operator hungry for a low time guy....I can do absolutely anything you throw my way...and I don''t even mind working on the ground for minimum wage. If so send a PM my way. I guess its time to make that old fax machine run non stop again

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