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Mr. Man


Thanks for looking out for me...unfortunately I bye no means meet that requirement...low time for me is 140 hours low...mind you I do have a solid 2 years working on the ground and have a 206 endorsement. Maybe I will send off a resume anyway...can''t hurt afterall all they can say is NO. I think its time to start adding an extra 1000 hours on the resume...when they ask I can tell them thats the amount of passenger hours I have. Thanks guys keep the leads a coming.

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Don''t worry about the logbook...I am far to honest to be doing things like that...it was just a little dry humor....in hind site it was a little inappropriate, my apologies. I will get in the cockpit one day...somehow..don''t know how yet but I am sure I will make it. Saw custom yesterday with Ugine flying a 205 on his way to Thunder Bay. 204 let me know when you will be heading to my area....I usually stop and say Hi to most drivers that pass through.


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