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Ame Before Pilot?


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I think 407 Driver is on the money regarding the pilot/AME route.


If you are working for a company as an AME and you get your pilot's license... all you're gonna do is piss off the DOM... and the CP won't want you 'cuz you're a 100 hour wonder.


I thought a long time about going for my AME license after not finding work as a 100 hour pilot... then I remember that when I pick up a wrench, my knuckles spontainiously start bleeding. :P Yes, I suck at wrenching... so tha was outta the question.


But I sure thought about the possibility of going that route... just to get the job.


I never did go there. Instead I did the 'great circle route' tour through all of BC and AB for 5 years looking for work (all the while working at a great job with great pay).


6 years later... here I am... in northern AB.... drinking...... HEAVILY! ;)

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407 driver...one of the best P/E jobs I did was much similar to the one you mentioned...I was taking Comenco rock doctors out in the morning...two trips with a jetbox on bags drop them off,then back to camp which was next door to a fish prosessing plant that had a huge ice making machine(the purpose for this in a moment).I would do 2 hrs flying in the am...2 hrs maintenance on the machine,followed by lunch...then 2-3 hrs of the finest pickerel fishing out in the lake in front of our trailers with a boat and garman fish finder on board.Now it was time to go pick up the crews...first, over to the icehouse to load up the cooler with some fine BC Kokenee on ice...pick up the crew who has been humpin though bug infested swamps all day long...pickup and stop at the nearest fine sand beach...you got to love having floats on....and park for a while to go swimming and the crew would have a few bubblies,making sure to save a few cold ones for there favourite pilot/eng when we got back to camp...a good time was had by all...3 weeks went by in a flash.... and about 100 hrs later....Puddle Jumper...I worked with black bart for 10 years at Midwest...talk with him regularly....in fact I think I will call him tonight...the old potlicker.... :up: :D

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DGP........What's that stand for......Darn Good Pilot.......or is it..????.....Was that you that pulled the hook right out of the belly trying to pick up the load of so called Pickerel....some day I'll have to show you the difference between a Pickerel and a slimy,stinking Jackfish........Heard that Black Bart has been teaching advance classes of ballet...apparently it relieves the stress.....I just cannot picture him in a TUTU...in fact I think I'm going to go and Hurl....Greb boots and a pink Tutu.......Scarey!!!!!.....I'm back at the funny house for the winter.....pretty well working Full time on contract wages....Nothings changed there.......Take care bud and have a good xmas....Hope you choke on a lobster!!!.....Otooley

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407 as usual writes what most of us think. To add a little to his effort, P/E's are also (I think) easier on the aircraft. Something to do with understanding what is going on back there plus knowing if you abuse the old rocket, you will spend more time fixing.


P/E can make you more employable in the long run but I would suggest 1:keeping quiet about your future plans, 2: finishing the AME part to not only licence but several years of employment after, 3: use that time in the industry to your advantage, figure out where you want to fit in.


Good luck, there are still a few of us around that could go both ways.

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