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Having started in the industry as a "stiff wing" engineer and then going to the "right side" as a rotary wing engineer, and then going on to become a RW pilot, I would have to say there are no regrets.


The industry has changed from the "leave in the spring - come back in the fall and look after your own machine for the whole time" to regulated duty day and times. The world I grew up in as a PE really doesn't exsist anymore.


But it is nice to know 'what's going on back there' and I think you have a greater appreciation of what your engineer does for you - often taken for granted.


It still helps if the company get caught in a bind, but mostly now I'm just a pilot with a little more skills and knowledge in some areas. maybe a bit more employable but not as big as factor as it once was.

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SKIDS UP.......by chance, could you have been in Hornepayne...Terrace Bay...and Thunder Bay two summers ago......you sound like someone I've worked with? ........Otooley


I have to be careful to what I admit to, but I might have definetly, maybe, could have been there unless you work for th OPP, TC or ???? which case I would then have to deny anything and everything! :shock:


But they were nice places. B)

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Thank goodness no more floatboards and compression tests....


Thanks, I had almost forgotten about those... ! :blink:


2 P/E's in our company, the other is more active than myself as he he on a base and does look after his when the boys from the main base can't make the drive... B)B)

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