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Bell 412 Limitations

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Out of interest, today I was trying to find the Vne on a 412 with doors removed. One copy of the flight manual I did see said 60 Knots. I am not sure what model it was exactly. Can anyone with 412 knowledge or access to better reference tell me if that is the limitation and wether it changes with different models or VFR/IFR operations etc..


Thanks, Geoff

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The only differences I can find is, Bell 412, vne with doors open or removed, symmetrical configuration, 60 knts with energy attenuating seats, 100 knts with blanket interior, deluxe interior or utility interior or utility seats.


There should be no difference between any of the models, and there was no reference as to VFR/IFR, although the 212 is not approved for IMC with doors open/removed.


Good luck!

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OP, unless your 412 is flight tested and type certified for something other than basic certification, it would be as stated in your RFM. If your's says 60 kts, it's 60. The 412CF (~EP) has a rather specific Vne chart for the various configurations that can be flown doors off, due to a variety of mission kits that can be used with the various door configurations. Similar to the note by gwk re: 212s, the 412CF may not be flown in IMC or under IFR with any crew or cargo doors removed.




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412 EP


VNE with cargo doors opened asymmetrically is 80 KIAS.


VNE with cargo doors in transit or in an unlocked position Is 60 KIAS.


VNE with doors symmetrically open or removed is 60 KIAS with Bell Helicopter installed energy attenuating passenger seats(412-706-002).


Asymmetric door configuration is not

authorized with energy attenuating

seats installed.


VNE with doors symmetrically open or

removed is 100 KIAS with Bell Helicopter Installed Blanket Interior (412-705-501) or

Deluxe Interior (412-705-500).


Basic VNE is 140 KIAS from sea level to 3000feet density altitude at all gross weights.

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