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Check Ride Memories

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Remember your first check ride?


When you went for your first ride as a new pilot don''t you wish you knew then what you know now? Now''s your chance to help out all the fresh out of the box pilots going for that nerve wracking first check ride.


What was the Chief Pilot asking you to do? What did you do wrong? What did you do right? What does the Chief Pilot want to see?




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What was the Chief Pilot asking you to do?



What did you do wrong? EVERYTHING!!!



What did you do right? NOTHING!!!



What does the Chief Pilot want to see?



and the rest is history...........




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ok seriously, last post has a good point.


i was getting checked out by the CP of northern mountain a number of years back. we were in a 206 and we flew over a hole that he asked me to go into. as i was doing the recces i noticed a set of skid tracks on the ground smack in the middle of the confined area. well, i thought, someones been in there. i did the "S''s" but on my approach, something didn''t look right, opening looked too small. i aborted and said sorry, but that confined area is too small. i figured i was gonna catch it because someone else did it earlier but he smiled and said "good job, i was in there with a 500 this morning!" i got the job!

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The cavalry is here!!!!

Well there Big duke 6,

I remember when I almost scared the english accent out of a certain higher up in TC, who used to run a school in Sault Ste. Marie. He asked me to perform a 180 degree auto into the spot (on the runway) for my conversion to canadian license, and I did it US Style, i.e. the collective goes down fast when the donkey stops kicking. He agreed after taking a few breaths, and letting his stomach get below his heart again, to show me it Canadian style (Which coincidentally I liked better!!!)

Maybe not along you planned thread, but it was one memorable flight test for sure!!

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I recall a story ( told to me many times on the old nightshift) from a former corporate check pilot.


Apparently the stalwart candidate missed the fuel valve in his pre start. Afterwards, all this guy did (in the bar) was go on and on and on about the missed fuel valve and how he hoped that the check pilot would not show that on his PPC form. Accurate near as I can recall!


Wonder who among us this dude might be?????????

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I''m looking at it right now, my first pilot training record, a few years back now. It says "Over controling in all flight manoeuvres. Next flight we will start over with the basics, hovering, circuits, off levels." In big pissed off letters. Not a good day to say the least.

I keep it in my office as a reality check, posted up for all to see. Can''t let your head get too big you know. You should see this thing, maybe I''ll take a picture of it and post it, it''ll crack you up.

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Speakin of fuel valves...I remember a time several moons ago, when a certain pilot turned the fuel valve off in the 206 I was going to go flying in. Machine''s parked on the ramp, hangar doors wide open, nice summer day, everybody watching...tick tick tick tick tick crack the throttle...nothin ****, look out my side window...yup! everybody is watching....quick scan, everything looks good?...tick tick tick tick tick crack the throttle...nothin again! Total dismay I get out of the machine, my boss is shaking his head, engineers are natterin back and forth, said pilot is peein himself laughin and screams out TURN THE FUEL VALVE ON. DOH!

Funny thing though, never forgot it again!

Remember that one R D M ? Everyone''s a comedian!

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