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Here is a list of free books online. This is a web site from Spain in Spanish but almost all the books are in English. I hope you like it!!




Happy landings



Very cool, the amazon kindle website had a lot too (no surprise)

Great to see the pdf version are available from your site Phil, is "Cyclic & Collective" available as well?

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You know I hate to be negative but I feel obliged to post that Adobe's Digital Editions SUCKS.


You can't hightlight text, you can't use typewriter to make notes etc.


What is the point of buying an ebook for reference and study when you can't even mark it up and make it your own. If theft of intellectual property is the reason you can't just make a .pdf then WAIT till the technology improves so you can 'use' the book you bought.


I don't think I'll be downloading again from lulu.com until Adobe DE is much more functional.


My $0.02


Sorry for the rant.

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Hmm.... so nobody at all gets to see it? (It's alright - you can rant as much as you want! :))


The ipad is not that good a platform at all for that kind of thing, but it is convenient, assuming you're using one. The limitations you mention are more a function of what Apple will allow rather than what Adobe can do.


I use the ipad for proofreading (saves ink cartridges) but I still have to use a separate notepad. It's not perfect, but it's the best tablet available. In any case, whatever you're using, an ebook is not a replacement for the printed page, in the same way as a microwave is not a complete replacement for an oven - it has its own benefits (mainly convenience) and limitations which must be lived with. Until things are perfect I will have to improvise, overcome and adapt, especially when there are people around who will spend more to get a photocopy of a book rather than buy the book itself (present company excluded, of course), so I need the copy protection. Go figure. :)


BTW, Lulu saves me a LOT of work - I simply don't have the time to encrypt every file with an alternative system before I send them out to people myself.


Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the book!



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