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High Blood Pressue

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A friend of mine has lost his medical for high blood pressure. After searching TCs website, I can find no clear cut rules for this, or what "normal" levels are. Does anyone here know what those rules are and about taking meds to fix the problem. Thanks

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My doctor had me come back in week, during which time he had the information from his reference books that i assume he has as part of his approval to do aviation medicals. This also included a list of approved drugs to treat it.

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If your friends doctor is worth a pinch of coon sh*t he will spot trends and head them off. For example, your blood pressure is creeping up every 6 months on your medical (over 40 assumption) when it starts to put up flags he should get you on a TC approved medication. If in 6 months you are still high he /or she has the option of putting you on a 24 hr. monitor to eliminate the prospect of "white coat syndrome".

I guess my point is, a good TC Doc should spot a trend and not just put in #'s that will make TC medical pull your license. If that happens then you are in a world of red tape hurt! It will be 6 to9 months EASY before you can convince them that the blood pressure is being controlled and you can fly again.

Better to nip it in the bud between medicals.

Good luck to your friend.


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