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Military Before Heli?

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I am looking to be a helicopter pilot, but I know that its always best to have other experiences/skills and a fallback before going into the industry and I am considering the military for that, and looked at some trades that intrest me -Resource Management Clerk Support Clerk which is a clerk in civillian occupation and the other is that of a Naval Communicator which could be a Computer Operator,LAN Admin,Computer Systems Admin, Cryptographer,Radio Operator, Clerk, or marine traffic controller in the civillian world). My question is when is best to go to heli school because the way I am getting the $$$ for it, it is kind of weird and I have the best chance of getting the money for heli traning is right out of highschool, But if I go straight from highschool to the military and do my 3-4 years then go back into the civillian world and apply for the funding for heli traning and I still have a chance of getting the money for the heli traning but I would not be 1st priority (which would be fresh out of highschool grads) I would be the 2nd priorty to get money to pay for traning. Which is the best way? and I cant be a military pilot as I wear contacts and the Canadian Forces require 20/20 uncorrected vision.





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Good luck matt.


Unfortunately the Air Force does require perfect vision when you join. Eyesight can deteriorate once you are a pilot but you must have earned your wings first.


As for what military helo work prepares you for, little else but two pilot IFR or night jobs. It is very difficult for ex-mil guys to find work in the light industry. We just haven't paid our dues in the bush and we don't have the skills the customers need (read longline).


Great place to start though, you'd think guys with 1500 to 3000 hours in Bell 212, 412, S61, BV 107 and now EH101, all night and IFR rated could get a foot in the door.


The one HUGE advantage, you don't have sell your soul, sell a kidney, go to Vegas and win just to get your licence. The Air Force way will pay you while you earn your wings. Let's face it, getting your licence is not cheap and kudos to those who save, beg, borrow and steal to do it. I often think they are hungrier for it and perhaps better pilots because of it compared to some of the spoiled ungrateful brats I've seen come through the military.


Our ex-military training does not ensure employment, we compete against many pilots with usually much more flying time than us for the jobs. It's all about attitude and how keen you are, always will be.

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