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Ahem... My dear sir, all I can say is when you fall and strike your head, do not get up and keep striking it over and over.   While it is true that a -17 is more expensive to run than a PT6-3B, it i

Heard that VIH moved, in addition to the mediums this spring, a couple of ASTARS onto the N registry recently and the 135.   Is this Northern Mountain all over again...????? Should I be concerned ab

Harmonic Vibe is 110% correct on the 205A-1++ except the internal gross weight is 10200 lbs. The 212 can't even hope to keep up. The 412 is just a dog who cannot keep up to the 212.

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I've heard that Wildcat wants to turn their machines into 412 singles with T55's ?? Can anyone confirm ??


..... but they won't compete with the 214 Super B!! (a 214 ST shortened with a 214B nose - dead lifts 10,000 lbs - cruises at 150 kts)..... operated by the new operators in Chilliwack - SUPERWEST!!!!

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