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Cat 1 Medical


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1 - Drink lots of water just before you go. You'll be peeing in a cup...

2 - If it's your first Cat 1, you'll also have to have an audiogram and EKG. (get those ears good and clean in the morning !). After that, the frequency of these "extras" vary with age (under 40 is every two years for the EKG and every five for the audiogram I think).

3 - 90% of the exam with the CAME is just him shooting the breeze with you. First couple of times I found it annoying (ie waste of time), then I learned it was part of the exam. Doc evaluates your level "psychological awareness and well-being". He also does subtle things, like ask you to take off your shoes so he can weigh and measure you. If you're red in the face when you stand up, he'll likely take your BP...

4 - You read an eye-chart from 20 ft.

5 - If you mention any problems, the CAME will ask you to take blood tests and so-forth.

6 - I have yet to see a latex glove and KY in one of these exams (touch wood). If he does, :shock:


Don't sweat it man, it's not like an army medical or anything like that. Just to confirm you're fit to fly commercially... :up: :up: :up:

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Duf ------I was "pulling your leg" buddy. The latex glove comes when he feels that you are at the possible age to need it. Did I just say "need"? Slap my face.....nobody "needs" that, but alas it should be done to old "goats".


Last piece of serious advice........DO NOT VOLUNTEER information about your health. Answer and fill out those questions ASKED and NOTHING more. If you want to volunteer information about your health, have a concern or question, then do so with your personal doctor and keep the two Docs separate. Your aviation Doc is not the problem.......it's where his information goes that creates potential problems......to his Regional Office and if that's in Edmonton, stay the **** away from them at all costs. The reason for me saying that is because for eons there was a panel of Doctors that met and considered all the file reports before them.......and were employed by MOT. That ceased some time ago and that function was handed over to Health Canada. The problem with that is that few, if any, of their Doctors are of an aviation medicine background. Also be aware that because of their handling of cases and outright war that ensued, MOT established an Appeal Board for all medical decisions made by Aviation Medicine. So if you ever have any problems in any regard with your avaition medical, they are REQUIRED BY LAW to inform you of the Appeal Board and all steps that you are entitled to make for that appeal. Finally, the record shows that the Appeal Board comes down on the side of the pilot more times than not and usually with just medical cause to do so.

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Duf  ------I was "pulling your leg" buddy. The latex glove comes when he feels that you are at the possible age to need it. Did I just say "need"? Slap my face.....nobody "needs" that, but alas it should be done to old "goats".

And if you feel two hands on your shoulders... :shock: you better hope one of them belongs to the nurse.


The good news cap is that they can accomplish the prostate check with a simple blood test nowadays instead of the latex glove...I did just that last week. Much more, ummmm, civilized.


Excellent advice on the volunteering of info. The CAME is only checking to see that you aren't going to pass away in the cockpit. Ideally your CAME would be a pilot since he'd have a better appreciation of your plight should he find something wrong with you. Not easy to find one though.

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