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I have refused to pay mine when the bill comes and to date this is what happens. They threaten me and then take it off my IncomeTax return. Sorry, but I got all that for decades without paying for it and now even when I use the bloody radio, they charge somebody for me doing so. Anything they want from this pilot, they are going to have to get it the hard way. The other day I got a 'new deal' sent to me......at least it's 'new' to me. I got an invoice for $5.00 for "Processsing" my last medical exam. "Processing?" ****, they opened up the mail from my CAME, looked at it and filed it.....and that cost $5.00? Kiss my butt!! :angry:


I pay no $55 "Administrative Fee". Perhaps that's because I only get an erection three times a day instead of 5 times a day like you younger guys. B)

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