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407 Mainrotor Tracking

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Are you using RAD's? Is so, try to get the track within 4mm within the 'initial' program. Toggle off tab and weight to get the adjustments and, not like the older systems, do all the adjustments. After you get the track within those figures add some weight. When you go to 'flight', try to just use tab and weight adjustments (yes, hub weight will have an affect at all flight regimes).

We are starting to bypass the 35% torque setting, when we were using it, is seems that RAD's will sacrifice higher speed, or hover to get good readings at 35%.

If you are not using RAD's on the 407, disregard everything I have just typed. All I have used on the 407 is RAD's, and most times, 3 to 4 flights is all it takes.

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