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Gallet Lh 250

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You and SS act like Goofs, your worthless posts make sick.


go see a doctor. maybe he can prescribe you something for the it.




all joking aside, I know you're exaggerating.


Thats half the problem here....the E-dick contests. Who's got the best comeback, who's got the best slam in retaliation...who's got the biggest....well you all know what I'm talking about.


sit with me at a bar someday, work with me on a job, i guarantee only a few of you would share the same sentiments in person as you do on here.


I'm opinionated and cranky from years of working with incompetant and arrogant co-workers. Thats the nature of this industry, it wears you down.


But I'm not going anywhere as long as the trolls keep fighting back. I am not afraid to go toe to toe. I like a good controversy. Its good for ratings.

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