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B206-A Longshaft Question


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the last time i did this, i replaced all the rubbers anyways. not expensive and are likely hooped from being stuck there anyways. so why all the baby care here.

loosen the nut, remove the housing off the bearing. then remove the bearing off the inner rubber. then with a plastic scraper, remove the rubber and inspect.

i know there is a cutout for the bearings to go into the housing, but really dosent take that much to release the bearing out when the nut is off.

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All it says to do is, in as many words, remove the splined adaptor, place packing in the groove at the end of the d-shaft so as not to damage the rubber bushings on the splines (we've got new ones anyway), lube the shaft (I can't say that without laughing), and slide the bearings and hangers off as one assembly. Typical vague m.m.


Displayname, I thought about doing that, but it says to push off as an assembly, I'd hate to get to the FPI and have them cracked from prying them open.


Been tied up on other machines, will hopefully get to it next week and will definitely let you all know how we go.



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The EC manuals specify French Chaulk (S753)


I'm not stupid either, other products may work, however as we all know, (some of us first hand) that if you don't follow the manual, and murphy made an appearance and you're now talking to an investigator about an incident, you better be prepared to back up why you substituted X product for Y product. They'll pull all sorts of experts into to court. Will you be your own expert?

They could care less if you think it works better. You werent the author of the manual that was approved.

All the luck to you if your substituted product was the cause or contributing factor to the incident.


I bring this up with concern because I see so many EC products serviced with Bell consumable products. Hylomar is one example and a common one. I've seen so much hylomar on the epicyclic gaskets that it was flowing into the top case of the MGB. Imagine if enough of that clogged up the course screen on the oil pump, or enough small particles got thru and clogged an oil jet further down the system.

Once the investigators find the hylomar, they'll find the wrench who applied it....then the fun starts

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Alright, so I finally got around to it.


Book says:


d. Clean all abrasive-type matter from long tail rotor drive shaft to prevent scratching shaft during removal of bearing collers (12). Place a (NAS617-18) packing in radius groove between splined fitting (23) and forward end of long tail rotor drive shaft (10). This is to prevent damage to rubber bearing collars (12) during removal)


e. Apply a coating of HR lubricant or KY jelly (item 65, table 1-1) to shaft. If lubricant or jelly becomes dry, add a small amount of water




Do not remove bearing hangers (14) from bearings (11) while still on shaft.





Methylated Spirits worked an absolute charm in permeating the collars and softening and lubricating the rubber to remove them. We had to work them off by hand, basically massaging the bearings while dribbling in metho. They slid off after about 5 minutes each bearing.


We put them back on with soapy water with a bit of effort to get them from the splined section to the smooth part of the shaft where they were marked prior to removal.


Give me a segmented driveshaft any day of the week!


Thanks for your help guys!

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Hey Guys,


Long time listener, first time caller.


I've been working on an old AB206 and am having a hard time removing the hanger bearings that are seated on the rubber sleeves on the longshaft as part of the 3000hrly inspection.


They have been on there since Jesus played fullback for Bethlehem and simply don't want to budge.


The manual says to push the hanger bearings off as one assembly, with the rubber sleeves sliding along the (clean, lubed) longshaft.


Any ideas or past success stories would be very much appreciated.




This is part of the 1200hrs of component operation check sheet.

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