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Have 1000 hrs, with oilfield experience looking to get into pilot operating, I know Airborne and Gemeni have pilot operators, are there any other companies ?


Also what would be the best approach, do i go to school, or will some companies hire me with no experience..




Have you seen this ad? http://aeroads.ca/index.php?option=com_adsmanager&page=show_ad&adid=3801&catid=45&Itemid=73


Gemini spells out what they're looking for there, if that's any help.


Check out SAIT's gas process operations ticket - I think you can do it by distance learning: http://www.sait-training.com/programs/gas-process-operations.html


Hope this helps. Good luck in your quest!


- Darren

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I forgot to mention Black Swan Helicopters in Berwyn, Alberta also has pilot/operators or they did a couple of years ago.



We have recently got out of pilot operating due to the rates going so low that it wasn't worth the trouble of jumping through the oil field hoops in for the "Privilege" of working for them.


Valley B is the company in Manning not sure if they are looking or not. Airborne and Gemini are currently the big players in the market segment


What requirements you need to have is driven by the contract you'll be servicing. We had one in the past where you needed a minimum of 1500 hours to fly one passenger, and 2000 for more then one passenger and 2 years of operating I believe. That was with a variance to their normal company policy. Others 500 hours and minimal experience operating was all that was required.


Pretty good gig for the pilot if they can put up with the operating environment.





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What do Pilot Operators make compared to your standard Operators? Surprised there are only 3 companies that do pilot operating, you think there would be more...



There is a thing that bears stating here I think.


Pilots get into the pilot/operator thing to build time so they can have a career in aviation. So they get a job as a flying operator and soon find themselves making really good money for operating and almost nothing for flying. But they are building time!!!


And one day they find they have 1000 hours or so and an 80'000 buck a year job as a flying operator.


Next stop...... the low paid zone!!! For a 1000 hour pilot makes a whole pile less than an oilfield operator.


Decisions decisions.

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My advice if you intend on staying and growing with the industry would be to forget about pilot operating all together. Go get your IFR, get on with HJ or other twin operator for a few years as a C0 jo get paid crap but at least you are building hours that can take you far and open your market to the entire world.


2 Cents



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