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Cheaper Ifr/Night Training In The Us, Is It Worth It?

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Heli-College, Lyle Watts,Langley. That's all you need to know. He will give you good training and you do a lot of the IFR training next door at the fixed wing school, which is very well equpped. I'm not sure of the US licence, but i would point out that Canadian instructors have more experience under their belt to start off with and that is going to have a bearing on your training. I think that as long as you get a good school, you will be fine and if you add the FAA licence to your arsenal, then it's a bonus.

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Red Eagle Aviation is a US based company with a training base in Calgary (Springbank CYBW) they use full IFR Schweizer 300CBi's for $320/hr. As far as the transition's go don't sweat it they walk y

Didn't they just crash that 300 a couple weeks ago?

Dang that last post ended up being long. sorry for that! i'm goin on to a different thread!

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