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Db Blockers

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I love mine! However, I only use them for working around the machines and noisy areas. I find that when I put my helmet on, it tweaks my ears enough to break the seal and disturb them and seriously hampers their effectiveness. Same deal with wearing my motorcycle helmet, I use foam plugs for riding.


So, keep that in mind when getting these. Maybe they can mould them with your helmet on? Though, I think it's more the act of donning the helmet that disturbs them.


Also, be aware they recommend getting refit every 5 years or if your body weight changes by 10 lbs or more (take note if you're about to start a diet or an eating binge hahaha)

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Db Blockers and CEP - excellent combination and IMO required in the Gallet.


I don't put them on for short flights as its a bit of a process.

Also helps if you wiggle the helmet over the ears so as not to disturb the seal.


They'll have to cut away some of the plastic that surrounds the speaker to fit it in the molded ear piece. Also the plastic over the wire at the base of the speaker has broken off of mine on both sides. This is from the helmet.


I had a problem with the speaker getting 'loose' in the earpiece and moving away from the tube canal drilled in it. It completely cuts off the sound from the CEP in that ear then it comes and goes depending on how you move your head. Very annoying. Send it back to CustomProtectear and they'll rectify it.


Very good sound quality I must say but delicate.

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Ear protectors?? isn't your helmet blocking enough sound "princess"? now I know why we have so many A/C with seatbelt rash! but seriously how many pilots use these?


Fly 8Hr a day in a 500 for a summer and we will see if you become a "princess" as well.

Or maybe you wouldn't notice the noise, as I'm sure you would be to caught up in "deep throating" all day long.

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When someone decides to stir up a big ol' pot full of shyte nobody needs to take a bite.


When I had an ANR kit in my helmet I wore earplugs too. Now I just use CEP. But then I'm well known as a wannabe librarian! I also wear a nomex flight suit: what of poofter!





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No problem with a nomex flight suit! or gloves or whatever protective gear one decides to wear, just find it funny that your helmet isn't considered enough protection! Pull up your socks boys if you feel slighted by the term "princess" perhaps you should have become a librarian! (notice I said socks not panties) geesh where have all the real men in this business gone??? sorry for offending you ladies! :D

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