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Flight Time Vs. Air Time Personal Logbook

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Sounds like a job opportunity for you, Freewheel. How do you think driving a desk would compare to these wacky machines we choose to operate?

They'd have to offer me double my salary at least...I'm happy with my current position. Call me crazy, but I prefer to work at an organization with a a good safety culture, where employees are encouraged to come forward with concerns and managers are held accountable. One where open and clear discussion is encouraged (throughout the ranks) and honesty and integrity are seen as assets.

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From what I remember we used to log only air time in Canada? Next country I went to "PNG" everybody logged flight time, on the ground out of the machine "engine running" a logging away! I did think it was a bit shamefull! Next country same thing! In an offshore role, and sometimes both pilots logged PIC flight time! Quite shamefull I thought especially when one guy would get out for a pee and be gone 20"! Now in AUS and logging flight time is the norm. Two pilot offshore heavy with 1.5 hr legs and logging 2.0 because of start up and shutdown. So think of it this way:

Pilot 3000hrs experience

- 25% (Ground running time ie: startup, shutdown

)= 2250 (and that's generous)

-co pilot time/NFP Time = 50% (quite likely)


- initial training, dual training, SIM time 100hr(initial)


If you are only logging AIR TIME you are cutting yourself short on the world stage! Other than Canada, logging of flight time seems to be the norm? The good old days of just logging what you put in the tech log are gone. The one advantage we have in Canada is that there still are jobs out there that we can do 1000hrs a year the old fashioned way logging air time! Good luck finding that in most other countries unless your chasing cows in outback AUS and logging only airtime which is actually only 50% what you really flew!

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And there ya have it folks...ask 5 pilots and get 6 different answers. It looks like Neil Macdonald hit the nail on the head.




By the sounds of things, anyone using skids up/skids down who has ever reached a flight time limit under CARs 700.15 was likely somewhere between 10-25% over the CARs limits. Depending on the job...it could be higher...


Next thing you know, the associate director will be claiming this is intentional willful non-compliance throughout our sector of aviation (just as he claims is the case with regards to cargo loading practices).


Where is the accountability? Take some responsibility...


Am I the only one who finds that attitude insulting?

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