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Flight Time Vs. Air Time Personal Logbook

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Imagine if we gave pilots "a few weeks" to answer every basic regulatory question on the Indoctrination exam...


Response from Sean Borg, Standards Branch, received 15 minutes after the email was sent:




Hope all is well.


I would like to consult with my colleagues on this one, and get back to you in a few weeks.


Take care,




Sean Borg

Standards Branch, Civil Aviation

Direction des normes, Aviation civile

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"Sure, use air-time for A/F time, but if the client is paying for it I will be logging it." Really...   So what your saying is a good few hundred hours of your 20k is actually with the skids on

Can't find the amendment to CARs for definition of helicopter flight time so do we revert back to logging air time?       General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 2005-02   Reference Canadian

Twiddling your thumbs too : )

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Hi Sean,


Do what you need to do. I will continue our exercise distributing to industry stakeholders and TC officials in other regions.


In my opinion requiring a few weeks to respond to such basic regulatory questions seems odd to me, particularly that this issue has been identified by TC for years.


We don't give pilots a few weeks to answer such basic exam questions. Most of our pilots responded within 24 hours.


If Transport Canada can't answer such basic questions, this points to much larger issues.

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I agree with you Freewheel. I actually met one of your "buddies" at YSB the other day and I understand why he's not allowed at your hangar any more. They need to have a long hard look at why they are there and start working with us, not against....

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I don't know what you've heard. There is no one at Transport Canada that is "not allowed at our hangar". We have requested a change of inspectors in the past, and we received a new inspector.


Of course, according to his superiors it had nothing to do with my request just part of a general "shuffling" of inspectors and operators. ;)

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How come there are no answers to my questions from those of you in the "Flight Time = Air Time" camp? I know you're out there. Just need to go back in the forum to see numerous pilots arguing Flight Time = Air time. Why not take part?


As I said: No Judging. Just looking for input.

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So far general consensus from respondents seems to be that flight time should be calculated in accordance with ICAO definition for flight for helicopters, and GAPL 2005-02.


TC cancelled GAPL 2005-02 with no explanation in 2011 which ultimately led to the creation of this forum by a confused pilot.

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Here is something to consider that was brought to my attention by a respondent.


Does anyone feel that Air time isn't 0.6 in Q1?


The respondent feels that a pilot using 0.6 for the air time in this example is understating the actual air time. He is concerned that this will lead to premature failure of components and that the manufacturers TBOs are based on some other method. He states: "Don't forget it's all about making sure maintenance is done before failure. That's all TC should be concerned with. If you prove that operators are not logging enough time, that's a big hazard. Doing it differently is no hazard if the time logged is never less than the designer expected...If the rules change, the TBOs need to change. ‎Use needs to match design."


The answer this respondent provided was flight time = 1.0 air time = 1.0.


He also states: In every case for a skid type helicopter flight time and air time are equal.



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