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Kamloops Medivac Helicopter Contract

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Taken from BC Bid




Which is a little ironic as there is no bid.



ISSUED September 14, 2011


1.0 Notice

Notice is hereby given by the Emergency and Health Services Commission (EHSC), operating

British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS), of its intent to modify an existing contract with CC

Helicopters (2011) Ltd. (the Contractor) for the provision of dedicated rotary wing air ambulance

services based in Kamloops until March 31, 2012.

2.0 Services

The Contractor currently provides rotary wing air ambulance services from their base in

Kamloops on an as, if and when requested basis. EHSC intends to modify the contract to

provide the same services on a dedicated 12-hour per day, seven days per week basis.

3.0 Term

The current contract term ends on March 31, 2012 and is not being modified.

4.0 Rationale

EHSC has chosen not to invite proposals at this time for the following reasons:

i. Due to the nature of the services it is imperative that no interruptions occur;

ii. It is EHSC’s opinion, based on an understanding of the rotary wing industry, that there

are currently no other vendors able to provide these services immediately;

iii. EHSC is currently drafting a Request for Proposals for these services that all rotary wing

vendors will have an opportunity to respond to for the provision of the services on an

ongoing basis.

5.0 Contact

If there are questions regarding this Notice of Intent vendors should submit a letter documenting

their questions or concerns and send to the EHSC Procurement and Contract Management

Branch at ehsc.procurement@gov.bc.ca no later than 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on September 22,

2011. Telephone queries will not be responded to and information obtained from any other

sources may be not relied upon. Letters received by this date will be given due consideration.

EHSC’s decisions in this regard will be final.

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Hello GWK,

In Alberta we pay our own way from EMR , EMT-A and EMT-P (Paramedic). EMT-P is at an ALS level. EMR is a short course that is generally done by Fire fighters $1000.00), but either way you need this to step into EMT-A (emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance), this is a BLS (basic Life Support) course ($5000.00). About 8 months long with an ambulance rotation and ER rotation. EMT-P (Paramedic) is advanced life support and is another 2 years in training, and another 15-$20000.00. It also has multiple ER, Operating room both adult and childrens, Obstetrical, and ambulance practicums.

The nice thing about this "Pay your own way" is that unlike BC, I can become an advanced life support provider before I'm over 40 years of age. Many friends in BC wait in line to be chosen to attend further education at the Justice institute. They say this has been the cause of the lack of Advanced Providers. BC pays the individual to attend school and pays for it so the cost is extensive. The new system should allow for faster education for those that want it.

I am a Kelowna born boy, but have been in AB for some time. I became an ALS Paramedic by 25 years of age. I had been in EMS since I was 19 years old. Now in my 24th year. I love my job.

I'm very happy you now have an ALS Air ambulance in the interior. The hours are a start, it will not be hard to justify more time outside the 7 - 7 window. BC is much more mountainous than what STARS covers in Alberta. NVG or not, STARS is very careful flying in weather and will deny a flight with any question of safety. We here are thankful for them, but unlike BC we have a large amount of ALS ambulances in all our region, BLS units are very few in numbers, so the advanced level of care is not what is required but the rapid transport time to a trauma centre. If STARS is not available we may use a helicopter from our local base, as we are set up for that, just not a dedicated aircraft. If you are good at time management then you save time, but if you are not you just waste more of the golden hour.

Again I am very happy BC is getting their pre-hospital care in order, many more ALS providers are needed in the rural areas where they will make a big difference with the long transport times. I'm thankful to all you pilots for what you do, it is very special.


Fly safe and God Bless each and every one of you.

GWK good luck to those you know in the EMS business, we in Alberta are supporting to forward movement in advanced care in your province. :)

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Thanks for all that UG, it is always good to hear how someone else is doing something, especially when it seems to be working so well. My view on the pay as you go vs having your employer pay for it is tainted by a brother who leans very far to the left and believes that the government is there to provide employment for the masses, not my view.


Thanks for the feed back, and enjoy yourself.

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Link to the PDF detailing contract requirements, if anybody wants to look.





I wonder who has bid? And with what?


Looks pretty limiting for AC types...125kts at seal level at gross weight? That leaves Bell 412 and I have no idea what else...EC 145? They have to be on skids... Sounds like a formality possibly?


I say good for them with a 3 year contract. No minimums though.

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