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There are a few fundimental things that would have to change industry wide before this ever happened. If you look at most of the "supposed pension plans like CH" these are RRSP matching and who knows what the federal government is going to do wth the tax scheme 20 years from now. Some financial people I know tern The RRSP thing as follows.( Really, Really, Stupid, People)So you have to make your own plans for retirement.


The primary thing that needs to change in the psyche of the group is that the operator is not doing us a favour by "letting us" fly or repair his or her helicopters. The reality is that we the pilots and engineers enable the Companies so that they can make the lions share of profit from thier capital equipment. As long as a pilot will do "anything" just to get the seat the job market and rates will remain at the bottom. I remember 20 years ago when I started in this business the pay a pilot receives except for very few exceptions hasn't changed by much and the rates the operators are getting likewise have not kept pace to enable such schemes as pension plans. The market is saturated with many small mom and pop operations, prior to deregulation the market stood a better chance .Only in the offshore oil and Gas sector do we see reasonable pension plans- loss of license insurance etc.. VFR forget in your life time!


The only hope to standardize anything is representation (association)however any perosn who attempts such a thing is ridiculed and it goes no where.


The bottom line is that this job we do is inherently dangerous, 20 years have seen many friends go the way of the dough dough. Why aren't the salaries we earn not perportional to the risk? Why does a pipe fitter earn on average 2 twice the money for a far less hazardous occupation? Frankly I dont care how cool the job is! Risk is Risk! The group mentality on this differs!


There are many questions that elude common sense, pension plans? well it believe the answer to this question is obvious!


2 cents



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So does mine, Max, but I do believe we are the minority. I also agree that aviation is a long ways back in regards to pay, benefits etc. compared to a LOT of other industries out there. Are we to blame for this? Probably as we are the ones willing to work for low(er) pay and or benefits, but the bottom line is we (especially the new comers to the field) have to eat, so......


What we need is a solution, but darned if I know what that is. Perhaps as someone mentioned we need less small operators, but that's not really fair either; that's how capitalism works I guess???





My company provides me with a pension and loss of license insurance. And it's in my lifetime. ;)


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