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Gps ?

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Agreed, the topo is awesome.


Maybe there is newer software because mine has an option for User Wpt under the nearest screen. You just select the user wpt you want and the icon that says Menu (has a D-->) next to it, hold that and it activates the direct to. very easy and fast. The terrain can be customized/ turned off from the terrain page - menu - setup terrain. I get about 4 hours battery with my screen on full bright but I usually have it plugged in.


Well, I tried holding the menu button (doesn't show a D--> next to it) on the nearest screen and it worked! It pops up a little screen to let me activate the waypoint. I also stopped the terrain warnings from popping up with your suggestion. Was looking in the wrong menu before. Thanks!


I guess all I can complain about now is the battery life. It wouldn't be a problem if the GPS supported the normal Garmin 296/496 power cord, but your only option in the cockpit seems to be a cigarette adapter if the helicopter supports it.

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Garmin released a new portable gps yesterday, 795/796 with synthetic vision. If it's anything like the 500H it will be very cool! It's another touch screen though.


Wow, that is a pretty awesome looking unit. Garmin is finally getting with the times!


Here's the link for anybody else:



Still wouldn't spend 3 grand on a GPS, but maybe it will be affordable in a couple years.

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I use the old Garmin 196 which is the 296 without the colour screen so the battery last about 12 hours when not plugged in. Costs a lot less than a 296. If I was going to buy a GPS for under a 1000 bucks I would go for the AV Map. Not a touch screen, standard butons, colour, accepts standard data cards and lots of other features. Here's the link. Not too many people are even aware they exist......http://www.avmap.us/products/aero/geopilot_ii_plus-309/introduction

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