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Coulson Vs Helijet


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It's basic economics. Most of the knowledgable players will know what Helijet's operating costs are with the equipment they are using. They will also know how many passengers Helijet tends to carry annually. Finally, armed with this knowledge, they will see just how much (or how little) profit HJ actually generates just doing business.


Now then, am I to believe that a 61 with a "million dollar" interior can be operated for less money per hour than a Twin Otter, or for that matter, an A model 76??? And it's faster than a Twin Otter too??? hmmm..........


I don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to determine why no one has "stepped up to the plate" with gold plated bells and whistles on aircraft operating between Van and Vic.

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Now now Decu Minor, old HJ must be making some money! Or did the money to build the beautiful hangar and corporate offices (had to be big enough to fit the company philosophy mantra sign) all come from the Fraser Arms? Plus, DS must be rolling in cash with that fancy wardrobe and all? :up:

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Isn't Helijet a public company? IF someone owned a share (even just one?) aren't you allowed to view some of the financial information relevant to your investment? I don't know what is allowed to be seen by a shareholder but you do get to see profits or losses.

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