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355 Differences Course

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Difference course as in 350 to 355 or 355F to 355N?


"Just been in touch with Eurocopter Canada Training and they have had no interest to put one on."


As in they are not putting one on for everybody or they wont come to your facility to teach the course?


There is an ATO in Vancouver that does 355F to 355N.


In the past, ECL has come to our facility to teach courses, expensive though.

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eurocopter at this time has had no interest from operators to put this on. yet.

if there is interest here and the number can get to say 6. i think they will no problem.


Ive also been in touch with some operators to see if they have heard any as well.


personally. i am looking for a 350 to 355F.


there is a course in texas and in france but looking for something cxloser to home.

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