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355 Differences Course

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Sometimes, Display name it is sometimes required to goto the USA to get course's. I am not sure there is enough need for the 355 course. I currently work with a company who has both the F and N model. I would think about going for the difference course and would have no problem going to the USA to get it if I thought there was enough need. I would have to Justify the Cost versus Return. More Partying in the city where they do it. Dawson Creek didn't have a nightlife. :P






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Before spending your money on a good Texas holiday, verify the course is approved by Transport Canada. A quick check of their website for approved courses and you'll find American Eurocopter is not on TC's ATO listing, so the course "may" not be useable for the type course (check with your PMI about this). Even though Eurocopter is the manufacturer, TC has not approved them as an ATO (go figure...the manufacturer doesn't know enough about their product to be automatically approved to train AME's!!?) and won't recognize the course for ACA purposes, turning this into a nice educational holiday with pictures but no certificate.


Eurocopter Canada is not very supportive of the various type courses yet. I had a discussion with them at HAC in the matter of type course and differences course availability and they said they're working on it, but if it's anything like their product support.....


If there is enough demand, meaning people who will commit to taking a course, they will try to schedule one, but it doesn't help an AMO for planning purposes when you can't look at the EC site and schedule the course.


One other thing to remember is the engine course, or differences course requirements are the same.


Good Luck!!

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