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As350B2, Sd2, Or Fx2

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I meant that in many places in Europe, the B2 is considered obsolete, with the B3 having taken over the role. But yes, in Canada it is still a very capable a/c.



True even B3's are being replaced by twins....


FX- 1960's technology sand cast engine gearbox

FX2- 1960's technology sand cast engine gearbox


B2- better engine modern technology.... higher operating cost better dependabilitry (IMHO) but you get what you pay for!


SD2 same at FX FX2 ... will say that I prefer the console switches though....



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I don't think that comparing a B3 to the others mentioned is fair. A B3 is an entirely different beast than the said helicopters, including 407 can not even touch.


An L4...a great machine, is also not fair to compare, it is much lighter and will not compete against any of the astar's that we are talking about.



B3's and L4's are at the far end of either side of the spectrom, apples and oranges.

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I'll take a straigt B2 anyday. Honeywell's newest ASB requires replacement of the governor spooling bearing every 200hrs for some models. Most of the conversions I have seen fit poorly in the airframe (control cable routing, vent lines). The reason there is lots of lycoming powered ships around is the fact that they're cheap.

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Why is the B2 becoming SD2 & not an FXII?


Hope you're well,




Because the SD2 conversion takes a week and a half and the FX2 takes a month and a half.


P.S. There's always a seat waiting for you! :up:



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Maybe I can help with the L-4 question- We operate 2 L-4's (actually sold one last month in the Yukon) and find it the perfect aircraft for lots of jobs. Our High Alt tailrotor machine can haul gross weight to 12,000 feet, just have to get used to the pedals. Takes 100 hours or so. We put 4000 hours on the aircraft since we bought them new and no major troubles, just the regular oil leaks and trans mounts- after the "Bell Bugs" were sorted out- (first 500 hours of **** on each machine and then all is O.K). Lost a tailrotor controller in the Yukon on H.A. tailrotor machine, and then fly it like a regular L-4. This is the only snag we had in 2 months of flying- 2 machines. Took a week to fix, 6 hours or so for Ian to change the actuator that they hid in the back. Warranty is a great thing.

Resale price is excellent if this is one of your concerns.

No it cannot lift what a B-3 does, can't lift what a Vertol lifts, doesn't cost as much to run either. Lots of parts around too- including engine parts. Good support from R.R., you just need to know who to talk to.

Going to try a 407 next- good idea??? ask me in a couple years. Don't know. Have one coming next month.

Bell has been great to deal with, new attitude with them these days.

Can't say anything about Astars- never flown one.


Black Mike


P.S. If anyone wants to argue with me, don't bother- I will just shut the computer off again for 6 months or so!!

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