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Bell 206 Power Check Calculator

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I just remembered why I don't read this forum often.




I guess you don't use a calculator, just incase it's wrong, or an electronic weight and balance XL program. It's a great Idea, at least it will back up your calculations.


Enjoy using your Abacus.


Jeff Ryan



I do.....!!!!

I use it (the abacus) Jeff, too calculate the money "you" will never make in this industry...!!!??

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Oh, bye the way Jeffy.....is your good friend (minimum wage, cubicle dwelling) Mags," helping" your advancement at the "Ontario based" manufacturer these days ??????


no cubicle and no minimum wage here. i guess your creditbility might increase if you could even get basic facts straight. otherwise you're just flaming no??

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Holy keeeeerist people! If y'all gonna get your panties in a bunch at least do it over a worth wile argument!


These power check programs have been around for years and they are for the most part the actual FM chart converted to a digital format. They are far more accurate than any pencil or pen and ruler you could ever use. If in doubt, compare both results. I've been using them for 10 years and they are most definitely the cat's pyjamas!

H56's and 407's point is absolutely 100% valid but we're talking apples and oranges.

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Meh...call me old school but I have no problem finding, using, and getting accurate results from the paper charts. Could probably do it quicker than using these new fangled fancy electronic programs anyways. Maybe that's because I actually do power checks! :P


no cheating and following the old lines and/or pencil marks LOL

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an electronic version, made user friendly with a nice title page, is simply a data base of every single combination that you acces with an input of A, B and C.


I'm sure we've all used some sort of conversion table at some point. If it's been verifed there is no errors, its as accurate as any other option out there.

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