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Bell 206 Power Check Calculator

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So.....the old charts in black and white in the RFM, need too be taken to a digital, high tech, internet level these days too be understood, accepted, and perhaps (god forbid), profitted from.....????

I do.....!!!! I use it (the abacus) Jeff, too calculate the money "you" will never make in this industry...!!!??

you're still a tool in my eyes, and even though you sobered up, or whatever and came back with a big long winded post that I barely read thru, you still were an a$$ with your previous comments. Wher

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On 11/28/2011 at 1:27 PM, teabagger said:

Maybe the concern should be with respect to how often power checks even get done. I know everyone here is a professional pilot, or will profess to be, but I watch the books quite closely. Take a look at your journey log book and see who in your company actually does a regular power check.


I recently crewed a machine that didn't have a power check entered in 9 months. In that 9 months there was two engine changes (rental and everhauled) and a fuel control change. No power check entered. Maybe none completed. Who knows???


I question my crew changes about why they didn't do a power check during their entire tour. The answer I really love hearing is, "umm, well like, umm actually umm.... well....yeah....umm............I did". Oh yeah, so where is it? Why isn't it entered in the journey log? What good is it if it's not doccumented? Truth is you didn't do one dumb a**!!!

I saw a lot of crazy comments on here that I really felt like commenting on but this one was the only one that was constructive and factual.

Speaking only on the aircraft I am endorsed on, and that these spreadsheets cover - power checks are for trending and a failed power check is not a groundable item.  If your aircraft is failing powerchecks and you need a chart to tell you, then there probably a bigger problem.

Seriously though, the real problem is professional pilots not doing power checks on a regular basis and not how a pilot plots the power check. 

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