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Artificial Horizon Requirement

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There is argument going on in the hangar that I am looking for help on. Does a bell 204 flying vfr require artificial horizons? We even asked tc during a audit and they couldn't answer. They could answer as far as ifr and special vfr but not regular vfr. Thanks

What's listed on the origonal TC?? So simple.

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CARs 605.14 refers:


Power-driven Aircraft-Day VFR


You need this equipment:


a sensitive altimeter adjustable for barometric pressure in controlled airspace (a normal altimeter otherwise)


an airspeed indicator


a magnetic compass or direction indicator independent of the electrical system


a tachometer for each engine and each propeller or rotor with limiting speeds established by the manufacturer


an oil pressure indicator for each engine, if applicable


a coolant temperature indicator for each liquid-cooled engine


an oil temperature indicator for each air-cooled engine with a separate oil system


a manifold pressure gauge for each reciprocating engine with a variable-pitch propeller or used to power a helicopter, or each super- or turbocharged engine


fuel quantity indicators for each main fuel tank and a landing gear position indicator, visible from the crew seats


radio equipment for two-way communication in Class B, C or D airspace, an MF area (unless operating under subsection 602.97(3)), or the ADIZ


radio equipment suitable for Subpart 4 of this Part, or Subpart 3, 4 or 5 of Part VII

in Class B airspace, navigation equipment for flight plans


radio navigation equipment for Subpart 4 of this Part or Subpart 5 of Part VII


Short answer: No.



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Thank you. I appreciate the long answer first gives me the info to put the two too rest. Also the tc lists no instruments we tried that first. To old and military I guess. Thanks again



The answer comes under the standard for which the type certificate was issued. In the 204/ 205 case it is the Transport Category of Rotorcraft in the CAR's Standards. :


529.1302 Reserved


529.1303 Flight and Navigation Instruments


The following are required flight and navigational instruments:


(a) an airspeed indicator. For Category A rotorcraft with VNE less than a speed at which unmistakable pilot cues provide overspeed warning, a maximum allowable airspeed indicator shall be provided. If maximum allowable airspeed varies with weight, altitude, temperature or r.p.m., the indicator shall demonstrate that variation;


a sensitive altimeter;


© a magnetic direction indicator;


(d) a clock displaying hours, minutes and seconds with a sweep second pointer or digital presentation;


(e) a free-air temperature indicator;


(f) a non-tumbling gyroscopic bank and pitch indicator; - THIS ONE


(g) a gyroscopic rate-of-turn indicator combined with an integral slip-skid indicator (turn-and-bank indicator) except only a slip-skid indicator is required on rotorcraft with a third attitude instrument system that:


(1) is useable through flight attitudes of ±80 degrees of pitch and ±120 degrees of roll;


(2) is powered from a source independent of the electrical generating system;


(3) continues reliable operation for a minimum of 30 minutes after total failure of the electrical generating system;


(4) operates independently of any other attitude indicating system;


(5) is operative without selection after total failure of the electrical generating system;


(6) is located on the instrument panel in a position acceptable to the Minister that will make it plainly visible to and useable by any pilot at his station; and


(7) is appropriately lighted during all phases of operation;


(h) a gyroscopic direction indicator;


(i) a rate-of-climb (vertical speed) indicator;


(j) for Category A rotorcraft, a speed warning device when VNE is less than the speed at which unmistakable overspeed warning is provided by other pilot cues. The speed warning device shall give effective aural warning (differing distinctively from aural warnings used for other purposes) to the pilots whenever the indicated speed exceeds VNE plus 3 knots and shall operate satisfactorily throughout the approved range of altitudes and temperatures.








In Short, yes. you need one. It has to be factory installed unless you have an STC to swap it, it has to be working, and although there is a provision in CAR's 605 or 625 somewhere about removing U/S equipment for up to 30 days without an aircraft weight and balance change it would not apply because the 204/ 205 was initially certified with a working indicator, so is not deferable unless you have a TC approved MEL for your specific operations. If you don't have the original installed it is as good as not having one without an STC for the change. Transport Canada inspectors should know this. I also believe that one is required for each pilot station, and in the 204/ 205, that means two installed, factory, working indicators.

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The answer is actually found in the type certifcate H1SW under the certification basis which states:


CAR 7 dated August 1, 1956, Amendments 7-1 through 7-4, Category B, and

Special Conditions for Turbine Powered Rotorcraft dated June 16, 1961, and

amended June 21, 1967. No exemptions


CAR 7 can be found here:




Section 7.611 on page 28 lists the required instruments and placement which includes a gyroscopic pitch and bank indicator (artificial horizon) centered in front of each pilot seat.

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FYI. The requirement for instrumentation on the left side of the mediums has nothing to do with the vertical reference door operations. You will find that the requirement comes under the installation for dual controls. Check the bell service instruction for installation of dual controls. When the duals are indtalled flight instruments must be duplicated on the left side.

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