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Wayne Johnson - Black Swan Heli

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For the info of friends of Wayne's he's ccurrently being med-evac'd to the U of A Hospital in Edmonton to undergo treatment for a just diagnosed multiple myeloma cancer of the spine. He'll be undergoing dialysis tonight, and Linda is, of course, with him.


Many of us have been aware of the back pain Wayne has been dealing with all summer, and it has now destroyed two vertebrae.


Linda can be reached on her email at linda@blackswanhelicopters.com

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Hello every one, it's been awhile since I've posted and update on Wayne's health, On Monday I had a good visit with Wayne, he's in good spirits, and getting back to his normal self. He's been call

This is very sad news. Wayne gave me that first job and I can't thank him enough for that. Wayne would always find the time to talk with low timers even when there was no work for them. Talk about

I visited Wayne again Friday morning, the 28th. He's in the Cross Cancer Institute, getting outstanding care, and Linda is there with him all the time. He's had a handful of radiation treatments, and

Around the hanger we've watched Wayne's condition deteriorate over the summer, it's like watching someone age 20 years in a matter of months. We're all hopeful that the doctors will get him on path back to normalcy and back to his usual self. Not being around the hangar the last few weeks has left a rather large void.


As I hear further information from Linda I'll make sure to keep everyone informed, and will be sure to pass along all well wishes to them both.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Wayne and Linda during this time and we're hoping to have you both back in the hangar as soon as possible.


Sean Smith

DOM, Black Swan Helicopters

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Though we've never met, I wish the best for Wayne and Linda and all of you at Black Swan. I've had a couple of close friends wage similar battles, and I know that void you speak of.


Take care,



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Met Wayne a number of times while I was working up in Peace River (Linda too)... what a great people. It really sucks that this is happening to them...

I'll be hoping for the best...


Thanks for the info, Sean.

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