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Wayne Johnson - Black Swan Heli

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Seems like only yesterday and hard to believe we've known each other since the '70s when Wayne was with Midwest and I was with Lambs! For those of you who don't know Wayne, he has ALWAYS been and continues to be one of the good guys! I wasn't aware he has been suffering and this kind of hits like a ton of bricks..... Get well soon bud!


Linda, it goes without saying, we're here for you!



I too remember Wayne from my time at Lambair 72-74. We crossed paths many times in the north when we were both a lot younger and greener. I always enjoyed our meetings very much. Good luck Wayne. You have a lot of friends hoping for the best. Bruce D.

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Hello every one, it's been awhile since I've posted and update on Wayne's health, On Monday I had a good visit with Wayne, he's in good spirits, and getting back to his normal self. He's been call

This is very sad news. Wayne gave me that first job and I can't thank him enough for that. Wayne would always find the time to talk with low timers even when there was no work for them. Talk about

I visited Wayne again Friday morning, the 28th. He's in the Cross Cancer Institute, getting outstanding care, and Linda is there with him all the time. He's had a handful of radiation treatments, and

I just received a message from Linda,


I'm sad to say the cancer is not treatable, all that can be done is to keep him comfortable, they are meeting with a specialist today to lay out the course for Wayne.


I have been passing along all the well wishes we have been receiving from every one to Wayne and Linda, are they are very touched by these messages and thank everyone.





I was afraid of that :( . My parents old neighbor was diagnosed with the same cancer and had very similar symptoms this summer. Hoping for a miracle.


Thoughts and prayers with Wayne and Linda.



Ted Funfer

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It's my strongest wish you have several years of being 'kept comfortable,' Wayne. You sure deserve them. We go back almost as far as I care to remember, and it's always been a pleasure to know you. This industry has benefited much from your presence, and needs many more like you. It should be so lucky!


Hang on, my friend, as long as it works for you, and know that, whatever and whenever, you have the admiration and respect of a horde of us.

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I first met Wayne when I was as an apprentice at the hangar in YVR, where he was in marketing. This was in 1988.

Of all the guys in the office, Wayne would come around and take time out to talk to us apprentices, give us hats and t-shirts, saying that no one else seemed to be thinking about us lowly apprentices. That gesture was much appreciated, and fondly remembered.


I related that very memory to someone just this summer.


I've managed to run into Wayne on and off over the years, and he is still that pleasant person that I remember from many years ago.


I wish him all the best, and reiterate what everyone else has already expressed.

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Hey Wayne,,,,my gosh what news....

All the folks here have said what can only be said by people who have known you, and like these people I can do no better but to say, anything needed or anything that can be helped with please don't hesitate to ask. We are there for you both, and your company.


Paul Kendall

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