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How Can I Help In S.e. Asia

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as the topic implys.. does anyone on this board know who or where I could sign up to help with the relief effort? I'm thinking helicopter maintenance, as I can't go there and volunteer, but there is probably a need to help with the maintenance of the machines as they will be flying a lot more. I'm not looking to get rich, or take advantage of the situation, just try to do my part to help without putting my house up for reposession. I would really like to help in any way i can.


What is going on there is so terrible and we sit here and do nothing. maybe we could all donate a few hundred bucks to the relief effort in the name of this forum, or the canadian helicopter workers ect. any ideas ?

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Guest Bullet Remington

Heli Ops:


If ya run into a Twotter Driver over there, He's about 4" X 4" or maybe 5 X % with white hair. say hi to him for me would ya!


And for the rest, Maggie's right. T'is much better at this stage to donate some cash. Too many well intentioned people would get in the way, rather than help. Granted there is alot of help required, but unless we / you are of a specific qualificaion / group, best to stay out of the way and let those who can ..do.


I'm sure we are all closely watching this situation, and it is most tragic and fustrating.


We call only hope the "powers that be" utilize all the correct resources available to ensure there isn't a second more deadly aftermath.


Sure hope things work out well for everybody over there.


Ned, you be careful now! Ya hear?



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