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How Can I Help In S.e. Asia

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To any of you that interested. Aerogulf Aviation are looking for pilots" now" to fly relief work in various areas of S.E. Asia. If you have 212 experience you can contact Aerogulf by fax 011 971 4 220 0828 or daveindubai@msn.com.


I fully understand the frustration of sitting here and witnessing the devastation that has taken place. Donating money is one way, but like some of you, I also want to do more....I also am trying to get over to help with Aerogulf, so for any of you that want to at least try , contact them. Remember...the human spirit will endure

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The company I am going to work with up there is keen for any S-61 drivers that might want to donate some time or at minimal cost - humanitarian wages. They are sending their S-61N to Aceh which is one of the worst hit areas. If so please PM me urgently. I leave for Phuket Tuesday.


Heli Ops

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The other day me and another low time pilot were discussing how tragic the whole situation has become. I heard that the major issue is getting food and aid to people and that most roads are ruined. I mentioned to him that its too bad lowtimers couldn't go over there and donate their time. Afterall it would be a win win situation for all concerned. Anyway enough of the crazy idea's. My thoughts to all involved in the relief efforts.

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