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Dev Anderson

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One of my favourite memories of Dev:


We were working with the highways crews laying the mesh on the side of the hill on the Squamish highway. At the end of the job, as all the equipment was being flown off, we realized the generator was a little too heavy for the Twinstar. So we arranged for Dev to come in with the S-61.

Brought the generator down to the parking lot. The foreman asked us to just lay it down, he would get a cherry picker to load it into the back of his pick-up truck.

I asked him if he wanted us to just place it in the back of his truck.

He said no, it was a new truck and he didn't want any damage.

I mentioned Dev was flying and it wouldn't be a problem. He very reluctantly agreed.

So I radioed to Dev to place the generator in the back of this white pick-up.

He responded back on the radio, 'front end in first or back end?'


The foreman looked at me rather stunned. Is he serious?


He was very impressed as the generator eased it's way into the back of the truck, as requested.


He will be missed.

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This is the last Skype image I have of Dev as he was asking "Are you drinking my son under the table tonight Bob?"


Jim and I were having a good time that evening and chatting to Dev and Sherry always topped off the night.


Rest in peace my friend. Taken way too soon.


Bob Garnhum

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I met Dev at Canadian Helicopters and was fortunate enough to be a student of his for a 212 endorsement. I have a video which Jim Davies took of Dev setting a repeater with an S61 at 10,700 feet, in Banff Park. Was a very professional instructor, and skilled pilot. My condolences to his family and friends.


Paul Kendall

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I had heard Dev's name for almost 10 years but finally got to met the man circa 1990 when he came to down to Ecuador on an Arco job on the east side of the Andes, about 30 kms from Montalvo. It wasn't too long after Craig Dobbin had orchestrated the merger of Sealand and Okie to form Canadian. That was a bit of a tough merger on both sides for long term employees loyal to their respective companies. CHC sent Dev down because of his extensive long line and external load experience. The Sealand boys had been doing it for a couple of years but we had nowhere near the experience and expertise that Dev and some of the Okie boys had at the business end of 200' line. I will always remember and respect the way Dev handled that situation. He came into camp, very low key and over the next week gently suggested ways that we could make the job safer and more efficient, right from rigging loads to the care and tracking of sling gear and long lines. Because of his gentle and non-assuming demeanour we all were more than willing to listen to his advise. It was obvious that his love of the industry and his will to do things right made him such a respected professional. It was these very qualities that kept him doing what he did best up until his final day.


Unfortunately, like some other industry people, I won't be able to attend the service, due to the nature of the beast, but would like to take this opportunity to offer condolences to Sherry, Jim and the rest of Dev's family.



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I was a life long friend of Dev's and am touched by the posts here,thanks to all for the reminiscences. It is nice to know how widely and well he will be remembered by the crews he worked with. Growing up we survived an Aeriel Square 4, a 250 BSA, A Harley 45, dynamite, a drink consisting of 1 oz. scotch and 1 oz drambuie,a 1939 Chev Coupe and placer gold mining. I was his best man at his wedding and he at mine (in England yet!)I like to think that some of this went to make him the respected Pilot and Person that he was.

Thanks again

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