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Overhaul Shop Manager


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Hey BR!  You fogot to mention the that the Big M also has a stunning better half! 


No, that ain''t me though I''ve known the "m''s" forever.  Very close, actually the shop is 10 mins away, we don''t do C20''s, just the stuff that goes with them.  Betchya we do know each other just cuz we obviously know the M''s!


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Guest Bullet Remington



Jasus bye. Never had the pleasure of meeting big M''s Missus.


Know little m, that poor boy''s foolisher than a one armed tag team wrestler with the one good arm pinned to the floor.


Haven''t been down that way since Billy Bishop was an air cadet. Have no idea how they are doin or what. Nor anybody else in La Belle Place.


Last time I was that way, my office was down on Younge Street. I didn''t stay long, wasn''t my favorite company, what with the ex-mil general trying to run it like he was still in.


Good possibility that we nose each udder. But Jasus bye, I''m at that age where I ferget what I fergot. And what I don''t I be danged if I can remember!!

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Guest Bullet Remington

Hees? Yah. Course! Dere hanny wear helse? Confused? Me Well yah - trurdy years of bending wreches does dat to ya by!


tell ya da truet, been scratchin my head and udder parts all nite. I can't mind ye at all.


Don't tink I got any snaps of ya!

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Guest Bullet Remington

OK Biggles, here''s the translation for ya:


East? Yeah, of course! There anywhere else? Confused? Me? Well Yeah! Thirty years of bending wrenches does that to you, boy!


To tell you the truth, I spent some time scratching my head and other body parts all evening! I don''t seem to recall meeting anybody with the qualifications and experience that matches yours. I just don''t remember you!


I do believe I have no photos of you, neither mentally nor actual!


How''s that? Clear as mud?


Check your PM''s as well.

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Hey Biggles

ol BM ,er, I mean BR is a displaced Newfie, kinda like meself, but his Newfinese reads like a hair lipped Klingon!!


work in yul..no tanks bin dere done dat! The "V" bar bring''s back bad drunkin headache memories...Magrease got the right idea though!

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