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Laser Beams In Pilots' Eyes

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Had this happen while driving once. Late at night a car pulls up beside me on the highway as we're doing about 100 kph. Didn't think anything of it until I was blinded by a red flash in my left eye. I throw up my hand and glance over to see a teen-aged girl in the passenger seat pointing a pen-lazer at me aiming for my eyes! I started waving her off hoping she'd stop but she kept doing it with a big smile on her little face. Her friends thought it was a hoot too. At least until I nearly slammed into their dinky car as a result to my not being able to see anything but red light.

A eye test showed no damage, I was lucky. Still 20/20! :up:


The only good to come from these little pocket lazers is the fun with cats! I almost pee my pants every time I play with my 2 cats and a lazer. It's total pandamonium! :lol:

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So you got zapped while driving. :down: Unfortunately, that's the very reason that the office-type laser pointers are banned from schools and many office-supply stores keep them behind the counters under lock and key in the U.S.---too many kids thought it was fun to harass people with them. Kids have an excuse; they're just not too clever by age. But the adult kids; they're scary just because they never shirked their stupidity. Wonder if that bothers an animals' eyes, Ryan? :) How much do you love those kitties?

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Couple years ago there were a couple of incidents during NHL (wazzat ?) games where some clowns aimed lasers in player's eyes. The NHL issued a warning that anyone caught doing it would be sued and banned from ever setting foot in an NHL rink again. Sure enough, some dufus did it and was kicked out, charged with armed assault, sued by the player and banned from that team's rink for life. I'm not sure but I think it was in Boston (sorry, Baaaahston) :)

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Mygawd. In hockey players' eyes no less! Lock 'em up and throw away the key! Actually, those players better get back out on the ice or we'll all be shining lasers at 'em. (kidding; got carried away there.)


Pretty sure Ryan's not shining the laser IN the kitties' eyes; but an errant beam could still hit their eyes accidentally while they're caught up in the chase of it. Not only am I mothering cats, I'm explaining myself to a guy who would chase lights up a wall. Not too bright :wacko: .

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