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Laser Beams In Pilots' Eyes

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Skiddo, you're killing me here! It's midnight and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin! If you lose me it's cause I went ZZZZzzzz, but I'll expect to see what you want to embarass me with in the morning. Okeedokee? :P But I'll hang a little bit longer (and I'll curse at you when I have to get up for work!)

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Wow, you folks have sure been busy since I posted last night. Thanks for the concern TQN, but I'm very careful not to get my poor lil kitties eyes with the lazer. Besides, one has been diagnosed as being *a few bricks short of a wall* by my vet and needs all the help he can get.

Yup, I probably have the world's only diagnosed mentally-handicapped cat. He enjoys meowing at walls and dust bunnies, walking into table legs, peeing on anything that feels nice between his toes (bath mates, shag carpet), and beating the crap outta the other cat. Gotta love the big doofus. :rolleyes:

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