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Laser Beams In Pilots' Eyes

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Even deranged cats need love, Ryan :)


Not sure how the clock works here on the Forum here but it's clearly far ahead of my time (Mountain Standard). It would appear that I was still hanging around in the wee hours of the morning having my one-sided chats when I was, in fact, looking at the inside of my eyelids :D


My fault on the avatar thing, Skidz. I replied to the link vs. directly to the email (leave the blonde thing alone!) It was MY technical difficulty ;) . Anyhoo- bring it on if you can. I'm dying for some entertainment! And besides, I've been DOUBLE-DOG DARED no less. :up:

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Guest Bullet Remington

Someone mentioned earlier, the Sea Pig driver who had recieved eye damage from a Laser. I worked with him in Shearwater before he was drafted out to the left coast. Talked with him shortly after he was grounded. He can no longer fly, his eyes are pooched. Last I heard from him he was on disability.


I was in Edmonton when the County Mountie Chopper pilot spotted a laser being pointed at them. Turned out to be some Wing Nut pointing a Laser pointer at the machine because he was PO'd that the chopper was ciriling his block while he was trying to watch tv. (Probably wrestling). No damage done to the pilot but it was vert distracting trying to maintain an orbit while assissting the crew cops.


The offender was charged with endangering an aircraft. I don't honestly recall if he was nailed very seriously though.

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Guest Bullet Remington



Cats, MMMM I love them! A box of stove top stuffing, one cup of water and microwaved for 5 to 10 minutes! Depending of course on the size!! :shock: :shock:


Actually, I 've worked with so many chemicals all my life, never once had a problem with anything. Well anything that has manifested itself to date.


Cat's I so damned allergic to, I can't breath around the SOB's. :down: :down:

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