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Well, I knew it would come out sooner or later. Not that I hid anything as I was always open about all this with my friends. I have so much I can say on the matter but, well, it just ain't worth my ti

fair enough.....public info it is.....the thing is you posted the poor ******** name, now it is at 774 views and counting. I wonder how you would feel if your name and all the details where posted on

sirlandsalot,   I posted a public document, which contains a lot of valuable information for the people in this industry, why would I be culpable in anything? I'm not sure you understand how this pr

doesn't surprise me there are different views. thats what makes people in general, and forums in particular, unique for what they are.


too bad the general attitude is that "if you don't agree with what I think" you're worthless and an idiot.


if it wasn't for the different attitudes and views, could you really understand the true depth of idiocacy this world would be running at?

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No-one likes censorship, but the moderators here should have shown a modicum of discretion by deleting this topic before it degraded to where it did.


why because of who it was about?

I bet you'd have taken a different view if it involved P5 for an example.

Thats the problem....most of you only cry foul when it involves someone you respect.


so don't even go there.

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