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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish


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Guest 47yrLowTimer

After watching and reading the CBC report on SMS. Which only confirmed what I had suspected all along.


I cannot help but wonder if Rob was a casualty of the new TC way of doing things, the hands off SMS approach.


He was essentially conveniently expendable, the low guy on the totem pole. Find and document a few mistakes the new guy makes and hey we can save sixty grand a year and save our own jobs in the process.


No Union repercussions, no government pension, etc.



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Was Rob not hired and let go in his probation period? Then i have my doubts that it was a cost saving lay off. Either way, working anywhere be it government or the private sector has always been more about fitting in than doing a good job. I worked for a few years for the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and my father retired from there as well so i have a very good understanding of how the system "works". There there are some who care but a lot of people in government are just coasting along waiting to be pensioned off. Don't do any actual work but generate lots of paper and memos, send them back and forth, fly to the other end of the country for meetings that could have been done by video conference, etc... Don't get me started! Heavy sigh....lol.


The private sector is much the same, someone who does a good job and works hard only underscores the laziness of his or her coworkers and that makes them a threat. Yes, towing the line and not upsetting the status quo, not hard work and dedication, are the biggest secrets to success in the working world.


To get rid of someone is so easy. You can't go to the boss and say, "Hey, "Fred" is working too hard, he shows up early, keeps his machine clean and his ops gear neat". But what you can do is start a campaign of innuendo and hearsay when they are not around to defend themselves. The documentation of "facts" route is just as damaging. Once the ball is rolling it is hard to fix or control the damage to ones character, the bottom line is if someone wants you out there are many ways of getting that done.

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To borrow Auto Relight's Mencken quote, should I have 'faith' that cooler heads will prevail? If that isn't improbable, I sure don't know what is.


Under another identity, I was once, like many, a heavy contributor to this forum, but I allowed myself to be driven away by the kind of drivel and senseless dispute that so often appears here. Sadly, it's all too reflective of not just our industry, but our society as a whole. Too many think their beliefs and, pardon the expression, 'standards,' are 'right' regardless of how ineffective or even counterproductive they may continually prove to be. There is no point, however, in arguing with them because, until they mature or, more likely, die, they'll never 'get it.'


It's unfortunate that good heads and voices disappear from here because, as the more intelligent industry newcomers state, they can learn much here. More unfortunate yet that so much of that learning is negative.


I'd like to add my encouragement to RTR to stay. Whether I agree with his opinions and those of other contributors or not, they add to the potential wealth here, and I sincerely hope they continue to.

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I'm surprised that TC can make that available to the public!



I do not believe that TC "made" it public, I think that the Greivor appealed it to a court and once concluded, the information is public, if you look deep enough on the net...Just my opinion though...


I could be wrong, but I think most court cases are able to be located, if you look in the right spot...

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