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Enough Said

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Peeshooter, Not sure which operator from Longlac you're referring to but I'm very well acquainted with the owner of a Longlac based company and he/they are nothing like what you just described.

I'm sure you're talking about someone else but you might want to specify which operator you have a beef with just so we don't confuse them with someone else.


Helilog is right by the way, there is no such thing as a career ending operator.

There is so much demand for experienced pilots and engineers in this business that even the biggest fu**-up can find a job!

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Re the premsie that no operators provide written contracts, Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. ONLY employs pilots that go onto the payroll as outlined in the company's 'Employee Handbook' OR sign a written employment agreement.


I've known the operator in Longlac for a couple of decades and have never had anything but good reports about him, and the highest regard for him. It sounds to me as if we're back to personal axe-grinding by the same swill-slinger. Kyle, does the statement opening the thread not constitute enough to shut this crap down?

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When I worked contract I always got the contract in writing........or I wouldn't work there !!

However, no employer ever refused to put the deal in writing.

(Yes, I could give you names, but they wouldn't hire you after what you have done to your own reputation).


I promised them my services for XXX months and they promised me a minimum of XXX days of work over that period at XXX rate.


BUT, either of us could break the contract if we felt there was due cause.

That seems to be the problem here. I'll guess you were terminated for a reason !!


You keep changing your name here, but you are still an XXXX.

In the real world, I suspect the "extra special" new you is still the same XXXX too.

Take a look in the mirror, read your own posts, get a grip, and get help.

It's no wonder you can't hold a job, or be welcome here.


Moderators, what happened to the "kinder, gentler" Caaviation ??

This little XXXX is making trouble again.......and needs to be fired again.


P.S. You can't fool us (or the industry, it seems).

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This seems to hit a tender cord with you as though you may be feeling guilty about something?


Listen guy, I don't know what your problem is with somebody expressing an opinion about an experience. I suppose all you want to hear is good things, and turn a blind eye to anthing that doesn't fit into your perfect ideal of the way things are supposed to be? As for ruining my reputation I frankly couldn't give a dam as my career has basically come to an end anyway. So I really don't care about your tunnel vision or purile comments.


People get screwed by others it's inherent in human nature, what I want to know is if I'm the only one or if the problem is systemic or considered acceptable.


I realy have nothing personal agianst you, however you seen to get cranky whenever the subject of underhandedness drops in... I'm sure my first sentence may be the closest? No?


Be happy OT , there are those that are not blessed with your good luck.



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