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Enough Said

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Well, PS. That's why I left the newspaper business. Nasty people and I just didn't want to play the game anymore because I knew I was better than that. The sky gods are full of egos, no doubt---and for good reason. Airmen are a breed among themselves. You may not recognize it right now, but you have a bit of that ego in yourself. It comes out in your words.


Perhaps Gill Robb Wilson says it best in Richard Bach's book Stranger To The Ground (awesome read, by the way, Sharkbait): In the achievement of flight men have perhaps had to call more deeply on resources of heart and mind than in any previous reach of experience.


That pertains to you, too, in your quest for flight. Do you shake it off and chalk it up to experience and then dig in and do what you were trained to do OR do you crawl off, wounded and broken? That doesn't sound like any airman I've ever known.


You just got to put it in perspective and not look at it with a magnifying glass. For example, look at what's happening in SE Asia right now following the earthquake/tsunami---even if it feels like a tsunami. In the grand scope of things, whatever you're going through right now is a spit in the bucket. Step back away from it for awhile. I know you'll make something good out of what happened to you. I take it it was quite recently? Give yourself some time.


And don't pay no attention to these guys. Like you, I and every one else on this planet, we're quick to be defensive! (Okay, now I'm gonna run before I get it with both barrels from the beloved sky gods!)

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Trans Q


Good words, but I can assure you that I have seen my share of flight and companies 19 in 15 years to be exact. so I am in a pretty good position to give an overview of what I've seen. My biggest mistake was quitting a great job with a operator in quebec many moons ago, where I could have retired, the company was really great with a good group of real genuine people who where not so ego driven.


Ya I got a bit of an ego, but i think in the end I'm more patient than most, unless of course I bealing with complete and utter obserdity- then I loose it fast. I have a zero tolerance for girly type backdoor politics. I thought maybe joing the underworld would help, but it didn't so I reapealed the decision.

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