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Vancouver Police Helicopter

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whatever make/model they choose, an aerial communications centre will pay huge dividends to the taxpayers of this area :up: ... the annual savings in civil litigation payouts alone (from high-speed pursuits inevitably going bad) will MORE than cover both initial cost plus ongoing maintenance... a concept that toronto city council has apparently never grasped <_< .


restricting this initiative to a single machine may become problematic however... they'll have their fingers crossed every time it's down for a hundred hour inspection... at this point in time, the saying "go big or go home" applies.


all the best to them...


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I just heard this announcement. Good for them. I actually put a plug in to the mayor of Surrey for the Raven II police package when I heard that they alone were looking at a fulltime patrol machine. Having the collective funding of all of the LMD might certainly expand their options.



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It's about time Vancouver got a police helicopter. They could have used one years ago.


As for Surrey, I would suggest they get more than a Raven II... perhaps something more, how you say, armoured?

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To be technically correct, the megatropolis that is Toronto, in all its massive urban glory, does not have a helicopter. (they did once own a cessna 172 though).


Its neighbors Durham and York Region both have helicopters, and yet neither one of them is a town anyone has ever heard of....


For Toronto, a city of over 2.2 million people to have its own helicopter to cover the metro area, well that would just be silly.


But I digress, congradulations Vancouver.



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