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Sms-Cbc-Tv National News

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CBC-TV documentary on the Transport Canada Safety Management System (SMS ), implemented four or so years ago, will be broadcast right after the CBC National News on Wednesday night, November 9, 2011, beginning at about 10:20 PM, then on the French CBC programme "Enquete" on Nov. 17.

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A typically shoddy piece of media reporting, catering to the gullible and going for sensationalism instead of insight. The demonstration of their ignorance, if not outright stupidity, achieves neither

The state of literacy nowadays is appalling even amongst people who have made names for themselves in our industry. To correct all errors would be an endless task but to choose to correct only a few s

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Right on, CBC and the rest of the media are so awesome at reporting aviation related material.

Now re-read that last sentence with the most sarcastic tone you can muster and you'll get my point.


Can't wait to read about it tomorrow as I am in the same situation with no TV, just crappy internet.

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Guest 47yrLowTimer

As I mentioned in a previous post, the SMS program is all about liability. Or more to the point, TC absolving themselves of it.


I have work for some good and some questionable operators prior to SMS.


One can only wonder the corners that are being cut by those that walked a fine line prior to SMS.

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An interesting clip, thanks for posting.


Still, a question that kept coming to mind was how would increased TC audits of Transwest Air have prevented the featured accident?


My understanding is that TC audits look more into maintenance, pilot training records, SOPs, paperwork etc etc, and not how air crew get along. I think alot of what this clip brings up is of valid concern, I just don't think they chose the best showcase of the failings of SMS.



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