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Helmet For Sale!

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one large SPH4 for sale. great for someone just starting out.


excellent condition - very clean. white with a single dark visor.


all avoinics work perfectly, no rips, tears, stains or stench from the inside. ;)


can be up graded to the SPH5 sound proofing for approx $60 usd.


don't pay a $1000 like i did, $400 cad plus shipping - helmet bag included.





interested or need more information - just pm me! :P

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Tugger, Tugger, Tugger,


When will one realize that living in a glass house...stones...etc...



Well, one thing they might find in my helmet and never in yours is the odd hair or two no?


I hear those "odd" hairs are a lot more common in an unsuspecting mask!





Que pasa amigo? Though u were supposed to be round these woods visiting?



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